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Reporting Lost Debit Card
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Reporting your Debit Card lost



Reporting Lost Debit Card

Reporting your Debit Card lost

This application form collects information to include within your Reporting Lost Debit Card. Use the appropriate buttons at the end of the application form to proceed or to end your application.Please be aware that some explanatory text is included within the form.

This is stage 1 of 2. Required fields are indicated with an asterisk (*). Please do not use your browser's 'back' button to move back or you may lose some of the information you have already entered.

I've lost my debit card and I want to order a new one - I don't need a new PIN
Important if your debit card has been stolen or you think someone may have access to your PIN please contact us immediately so we can cancel the card and issue you with a new PIN. Do not complete this form.

Important cards related to an Instant Saver, Savings Builder or Premium Saver will be cancelled but no new card will be ordered.
Complete the form below to report your debit card lost. We will cancel your debit card and issue a new one to the address we have on file (you can check this under Your details). You will keep the same PIN for your card.
Remember: We can only action requests for cards belonging to individual customers logged into digital banking with their own unique customer number. Additional account holders must request their own cards by logging in and ordering with their own unique customer number.